ADDITIONAL UPDATE: I uploaded a new version with a couple of bugfixes and balancing tweaks. Hopefully you should be able to finish the game faster, and those gentlemen who wanted to dance with Elizabeth actually can! Also, I made it easier to get to the potential to wed, but because the game is far simplified from what I want it to be, I had to put an arbitrary yes/no "do you want to wed x?" bit in.

PLEASE NOTE: I updated this game just prior to the Judging beginning, so if you played it before then, please play again to see some minor changes to improve clarity based on feedback.

Inspired by Jane Austen's novel, Pride and Prejudice. You play as an eligible bachelor/debutante that has moved it the neighbourhood and are... looking for a spouse!

This is my first version of Pride and Prejudice RPG, something that has been in my head for years. The goal was to contextualise the setting and focus of the book. I put this version together using Twine, within a week for Public Domain Jam (May 2014).

Missing from this version is the "combat" at the ball- right now it assumes you "win" the random encounter, or walk away.

Also missing is the depth of character development, and NPC "revelation" that I would like to explore.

Thanks for playing! I hope you enjoy it, and keep an eye out for the final version someday soon, when more of the things you do will matter :)